Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm writing this while formulating ways to kill off our chinese culture teacher.
It's ironic, cos I'm writing this in Chinese Culture class.
Malfeasance in Chinese Culture is apparently acceptable.
*Define malfeasance*
Mmmmm...like blogging in Chinese culture class?
Or taradiddling in Chinese culture class about our teachers' face?

*We interrupt as something exciting is happening. Some Chinese student stopped talking! Clap. Some Chinese student started talking! Clap.*

Our CC teacher also happened to know what's 'wombathi'. Get out the rozeners and whiskeys, uncork the champagnes; humanity still have hope in the form of Tamil words that sound funneh.

Anyways, if multi-level marketing is a crime, why isn't being a consultant a crime too?
Both suck up money faster than white-collared young guys having sex in their cubicles, or tort lawyers sniffing out their big paycheck in the form of gullible rednecks.


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