Tuesday, July 20, 2010

USC and God and whatnot

Hi all, I'm MW, a low esteemed, and thus cynical, guy who aims to balloon his own ego by mocking the world in general with this blog. So here this is.

Just how reliable or true is the concept of God? Will a convulsed, disgusted, yet innately-innocent girl forced to participate in a snuff flick who suffers pangs of guiltiness due to realizing she subconsciously enjoy these morbid and perverse acts be sent to Hell?

Apparently whatever you do, Hell is default when you die. So before you snuff it, do repent with all you heart. Can you? Does that mean sinning away for half your life, knowing you can get away with it all in the end by repenting, is acceptable?

And the whole problem once God defeats Satan. A world without temptation and corruption? Hard to imagine, especially when these are borne not from Satan's twisted way of dealing stuff, but differences between people.

Being a self-proclaimed atheist, this concept is devilishly difficult to embrace. I wonder if anyone ever thought about this?

God is never kind when it comes to Touhou or Gacha.


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