Sunday, August 22, 2010


Fun last/this month is...

When you find out Mr. Yuen has a site
When you find out your mentor has a blog
When you see Faiz in a bra
When Sean Seet is being gay
When An Long IS gay
When you quantify and declare Winnie to be worth $1.85 with a price tag
When Cyrus brings you to Astro
When you pay $5 for a YGO tourney you can't win
When you complain about your newly-brought Bass, but still love it
When you are in the front row of Sundown 2010
When you play a violin in a Karaoke lounge
When Fairy Wars is released
When you feel confident bout acing your Chem Quiz
When someone yells OH YEAH and you go JAKE
When Yu Han and JT is next to you during Chinese Culture
When you make nylon and gel and screws up making them
When there's gay fangirls for you to taunt
When you climb a tree
When you found a new place that serves awesome food
When Minh Tue shouts at you during Chess
When Phyllis is being noob
When Delvin is being noob
When Ms Lau isn't round for English
When Ms Lau is back for English and we know no one gives a damn, much
When you clear two Extra Stages, consecutively
When Yong Jen do a 'bottleblasting'
When Ahmad show you his awesome Nerf guns
When Ka Keng fails at failing
When you see Claire's dog
When you are bored and with Andrew
When you found Kinema Kan releasing MORE PVs
When you are alone with your violin-for 4 hours
When you compose ideas in your head and watch 'em disppear
When you overdose on caffeine and stayed up the whole night
When you are an atheist
When you met Kasparov, live, and stalked him for 5 hours to 3 locations
When you made a wall of Post-its with drawings
When KHR 29 finally came out
When you eat ice cream and drink the same time
When you Gacha
When you loop funneh parts of Ip Man again and again
When you play Maplestory for the sake of trolling
When you stop playing Maplestory
When you start helping in fansubbing stuff
When you get an interview from RGS people on Twilight
When Bieber fails and you are watching it
When K-on gets a second season
When BRS gets an OVA
When Black Lagoon continues
When SnS gets a third season
When you hide under a table for 303's Chinese class
When you spray a cat with contents from your bottle
When you wear stuff NOT MEANT FOR YOU
When you see stuff not meant for you
When you lurk in 4chan
When you are not reading this rant.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not Hiatus Notice
A gift for being away so long. TH12.8FW download!~

How do you actually justify or rationalize a conscience? Maybe it's not even there in the first place. In other words, everything you do is a series of absurd rationalization of your brain.

I believe in how our fate is cast in titanium-covered, diamond-cored solid stone. How so? Ever have the urge to withdraw your hand from a burning frying pan as you reach for it, only to realize how your hands illogically continue extending towards it, resulting in a burn? You only free and absolute territory is your mind. Which is another reason why we have great thinkers outnumbering great failers. All of us think.

My new bass guitar is as stubborn as a stubborn stork. It smells like mildew, is heavy, really dusty, and scratched all over. But I like it.

Melodic singers do in fact have a future in the rock industry-Too bad Nightwish is one step ahead of all of us. Or at least, before Tarja left.


Thursday, August 5, 2010


I'm not dead.

Anyways, these past few days were so mundane, I could only rant about the past few days being so mundane that it has reduced me to ranting about how the past few days being so mundane.

The power of censorship is looming over the Summer animes.

Irrelevant: Bae Yong-joon starred as a cameo zombie in HSotD, with his head being nearly blasted off. I hope they do Bieber next.

Bass guitars are HEAVY.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fangirl Overdrive

We got the lolipop stick at the least :/

Saki + Claire + LM.C = weabooing and enthusiastic fangirls in overdrive ^^

A fanboy by any other name is a fangirl at heart~

2 random emcees
Tenko performers
Really tall gurls in skimpy clothes of sponsors in a desperate attempt to advertise their god-awful fashion to us
Tall bra-gurls again
LM.C <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

The whole day was way too overwhelming to be put into words. Let's leave it at that.

Whoever wants the videos of any of the performing bands, just ask.

Koreans are heavy on their basses. REAL heavy.

Espresso with Häagen-Dazs is a potent concoction.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Herp Derp

I punched a wall today. The wall did not give way, but I persisted. Ultimately, I failed, but I reasoned, the way only I could, that I somehow managed to win.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TH12.8 is like sex on bread

Once upon a time, in a time long from our civilized age, there lived a group of people in a small town called Freedomland. They are in a state of perpetual ignorance but they didn’t know it. Deprived of knowledge, they lived life as carefree creatures, free from the dark grasp of corporate corruption and inefficiency.

On a clear, Friday night, the town council minister died of natural causes. A bungee boss was sent from a nearby town called Marketingland. He preached in his dogmatic and enlightening tone the importance of synergizing corridors to maximize output and attack core stratagems in the minimum frame of time. Soon, with his magical brainwashing powers, the helpless townsfolk of Freedomland had their ignorance morphed into something far more sinister: informed ignorance. In a few days, uninformed decisions were made, visual charts were drawn, and Freedomland burnt in the depths of hell.

Sequel: The Indian God of Awakening visited the townsfolk of Freedomland and granted them the demons of apathy, cynicism and sarcasm.

The end.

And G'day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm writing this while formulating ways to kill off our chinese culture teacher.
It's ironic, cos I'm writing this in Chinese Culture class.
Malfeasance in Chinese Culture is apparently acceptable.
*Define malfeasance* blogging in Chinese culture class?
Or taradiddling in Chinese culture class about our teachers' face?

*We interrupt as something exciting is happening. Some Chinese student stopped talking! Clap. Some Chinese student started talking! Clap.*

Our CC teacher also happened to know what's 'wombathi'. Get out the rozeners and whiskeys, uncork the champagnes; humanity still have hope in the form of Tamil words that sound funneh.

Anyways, if multi-level marketing is a crime, why isn't being a consultant a crime too?
Both suck up money faster than white-collared young guys having sex in their cubicles, or tort lawyers sniffing out their big paycheck in the form of gullible rednecks.