Sunday, August 22, 2010


Fun last/this month is...

When you find out Mr. Yuen has a site
When you find out your mentor has a blog
When you see Faiz in a bra
When Sean Seet is being gay
When An Long IS gay
When you quantify and declare Winnie to be worth $1.85 with a price tag
When Cyrus brings you to Astro
When you pay $5 for a YGO tourney you can't win
When you complain about your newly-brought Bass, but still love it
When you are in the front row of Sundown 2010
When you play a violin in a Karaoke lounge
When Fairy Wars is released
When you feel confident bout acing your Chem Quiz
When someone yells OH YEAH and you go JAKE
When Yu Han and JT is next to you during Chinese Culture
When you make nylon and gel and screws up making them
When there's gay fangirls for you to taunt
When you climb a tree
When you found a new place that serves awesome food
When Minh Tue shouts at you during Chess
When Phyllis is being noob
When Delvin is being noob
When Ms Lau isn't round for English
When Ms Lau is back for English and we know no one gives a damn, much
When you clear two Extra Stages, consecutively
When Yong Jen do a 'bottleblasting'
When Ahmad show you his awesome Nerf guns
When Ka Keng fails at failing
When you see Claire's dog
When you are bored and with Andrew
When you found Kinema Kan releasing MORE PVs
When you are alone with your violin-for 4 hours
When you compose ideas in your head and watch 'em disppear
When you overdose on caffeine and stayed up the whole night
When you are an atheist
When you met Kasparov, live, and stalked him for 5 hours to 3 locations
When you made a wall of Post-its with drawings
When KHR 29 finally came out
When you eat ice cream and drink the same time
When you Gacha
When you loop funneh parts of Ip Man again and again
When you play Maplestory for the sake of trolling
When you stop playing Maplestory
When you start helping in fansubbing stuff
When you get an interview from RGS people on Twilight
When Bieber fails and you are watching it
When K-on gets a second season
When BRS gets an OVA
When Black Lagoon continues
When SnS gets a third season
When you hide under a table for 303's Chinese class
When you spray a cat with contents from your bottle
When you wear stuff NOT MEANT FOR YOU
When you see stuff not meant for you
When you lurk in 4chan
When you are not reading this rant.

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