Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not Hiatus Notice
A gift for being away so long. TH12.8FW download!~

How do you actually justify or rationalize a conscience? Maybe it's not even there in the first place. In other words, everything you do is a series of absurd rationalization of your brain.

I believe in how our fate is cast in titanium-covered, diamond-cored solid stone. How so? Ever have the urge to withdraw your hand from a burning frying pan as you reach for it, only to realize how your hands illogically continue extending towards it, resulting in a burn? You only free and absolute territory is your mind. Which is another reason why we have great thinkers outnumbering great failers. All of us think.

My new bass guitar is as stubborn as a stubborn stork. It smells like mildew, is heavy, really dusty, and scratched all over. But I like it.

Melodic singers do in fact have a future in the rock industry-Too bad Nightwish is one step ahead of all of us. Or at least, before Tarja left.


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