Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TH12.8 is like sex on bread

Once upon a time, in a time long from our civilized age, there lived a group of people in a small town called Freedomland. They are in a state of perpetual ignorance but they didn’t know it. Deprived of knowledge, they lived life as carefree creatures, free from the dark grasp of corporate corruption and inefficiency.

On a clear, Friday night, the town council minister died of natural causes. A bungee boss was sent from a nearby town called Marketingland. He preached in his dogmatic and enlightening tone the importance of synergizing corridors to maximize output and attack core stratagems in the minimum frame of time. Soon, with his magical brainwashing powers, the helpless townsfolk of Freedomland had their ignorance morphed into something far more sinister: informed ignorance. In a few days, uninformed decisions were made, visual charts were drawn, and Freedomland burnt in the depths of hell.

Sequel: The Indian God of Awakening visited the townsfolk of Freedomland and granted them the demons of apathy, cynicism and sarcasm.

The end.

And G'day.

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