Saturday, July 24, 2010

Absconder of Fate

Okay, since my self-esteem is so's time to mock something.

Yer know, some teachers really like kyoodling. It's a wonder if some of 'em have any social life at all. I recommend the following treatments and remedies, to prevent them from becoming pyretic in their small cubicles-apartment thingies:
1)Read Dilbert and learn something from it.
3)Make a blog.
4)Realize that Facebook is NOT your social life.
5)Find a social life.
6)Students are NOT your social circle.
7)Improve in various departments. Improvements are ALWAYS welcomed.

Argh. Khatib YGO tourney fail today. No Brionac to save my sorry ass when JD's gonna mill me out. T.T What a waste of $5. Dominic lost like a spectacular fireworks dying out. And Chickenoodles was just WTF.

For those who bothers:
Summer anime ranking:
1. K-ON!!
2. Durarara!!
3. Working!!
4. Heartcatch Precure!
5. Ookiku Furikabutte
6. Giant Killing
7. Katanagatari
8. B-Gata H-Kei
9. Yojouhan shinwa taikei
10. Kaichou ha Meido-sama!

Noticed something?
Angel beats isn't, ISN'T up there.

Homemade teriyaki sauces are never homemade. Cafe Galilee @ Jurong East need to know that. Their 'promotion' Teriyaki chicken taste like dead Mudkipz.

Friday was a complete fiasco. A supposedly winning Ruy Lopez with Way turned into epic failure when his rook crossed my second rank, thus completely locking down my pawns and kingside with its deadly, genocidal lazer. FML. Also, never proclaim victory prematurely before you win. You will always end up drawing/losing. And whatever you do, never hope for a victory. Murphy's Law lurks.


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