Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jews and Pizzas


Ever wondered how the world works like hell? Or how your lives are punctured by those little tracasseries that never goes away? You mock the world and hope it ends, but it never does (why would it~) It's probably because a)You're sex-deprived b)You're gay c)You're in THE minority OR d)You're born in the wrong world.

Then, when you look out the window and see the dull hull of sky brightened slightly by a tint of sunlight, you smile, in hope for a fresh start. Then you remembered forgetting to submit your homework, and life became mundane again.

A waif in the quagmire of life, an albatross caught by the hands of life. Wanderlust~

Which is why, in a pathetic attempt to chase away the demons of boredom, apathy and cynicism, I up my Post-its on my wall in 306 to 40.


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